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    Hi, my name is Ines ^^ I just graduated this year and now want to get to know the world outside of school, gather experiences and get to know new people. I get a lot of joy and happiness from small, seemingly trivial moments in life, like my cup of tea every morning, listening to my family tell me about their day, sharing a laugh with a loved one, etc. I also really enjoy dancing and drawing, the first making me feel alive and the latter making me feel at peace. Besides that, animals can make me quite happy, as well. ^^

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    My native language is German and the first person to really waken my enthusiasm for language was my German teacher that I had for 5 years. I really got to appreciate German as a language and find love for other languages as well. Aside from German, I also learned English and Spanish in school. I've had Spanish classes for 6 years and since one of my close friends and some classmates were big Spanish enthusiasts, that’s how the language initially grew on me. However, I would really like to improve my talking skills since I often have a hard time expressing myself in Spanish. I also had Latin lessons which I did not like so much at first but has helped me in hindsight. In my old class we also had quite some people with different backgrounds who knew other languages so that I got exposed to a variety of different languages. Isn't it amazing: these sounds, consonants, speech melodies and intonations that sound like beautiful gibberish to me make total sense and might have some profound meaning (or none at all :)) for someone else? ^^

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    I'm 18 and I've just graduated this year from secondary school where I gained general education. My favourite subjects have been the languages being taught (German, English, Spanish) but also psychology, philosophy and history. I think I'm a quick learner, in general and when it comes to languages. After I began to watch series and listen to podcasts I got interested in learning English and also in Spanish later on. Aside from that, I think I've always been a creative person. With my best friend and my sister I've always done funny projects in the past: From filming movies to which we wrote the scripts, to planning our own book (which unfortunately never got finished :,( ) or inventing games where we even built the board for a board game. I myself am also decent at writing and love to dance and sing. In general I enjoy everything related to music, I can play the piano and have started teaching myself the guitar. I think I'm also good at drawing, I enjoy drawing portraits or painting and bleaching my own clothes, giving them my own personal touch :) Lately I've also started crocheting and knotting bracelets and have fun doing something with my hands.

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      I'm vegetarian :)



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