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    Right now in Naple! looking for interested ones to explore naturalistic and / or archaeological trails once a week surrounding the Phlegraean area, dogs are definitely welcome if you have any!

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    Even if I love my roots and I cherish the Gran Sasso in my heart, I cannot give up traveling, especially because I owe all my personal growth to the travels and relational exchanges that I have had with people and cultures of different latitudes.

    Exploring new landscapes, making myself known and getting to know myself through others is the only way I know to grow, innovate and evolve. I love to feel a part of a whole in a wonderful planet and I think it is everyone's duty to protect it in its natural, human and cultural heritage.

    We are too unique and important to ignore ourselves! I believe there is a part of me that I still do not know in every place in the world that I have not seen and in every person that I have not met, since we are all brothers. I have friends everywhere and I carry each of them in my memories and thoughts.

    Being in inspiring multicultural environment is something I use to look for but I as well love to meditate and to enjoy natural and simple environment plus I believe that interacting with elders is sometimes a really funny experience.

    I had the opportunity to get in touch with different cultures while i have been travelling in Morocco, Panama, Turkey and Lithuania, my last foreign country touched, in this east european country I had the chance to co habit with a small indian community which thruly gave me my second childwood and to whom I will be gratefull for the rest of my life.

    I am interested in history of places, archeology, I love to analize geomorphology plus being an Architect I melt art and nature in design project for interior or landscape planning. I recognize the importance of nature in our life, and I have changed my eating habits as I prefer to grow the food I eat where i have chance or I do efforts to buying it local. But anyplace I go I try to connect with farmers to whom I also offer my help in change of knowledge :D
    I like the alchemy of cooking and I think we need taste in our life, I look for creative re-use project, I have been involved in Tactical urbanism co-planning and I wish to cooperate in more eco projects interlaced with social design and crafts . I love children and I had great experience with them, my best works where thanks to them , they can be very motivating and inspiring in a team! they are so free and smart like the soul of adults travelers ... I am a beginner in the study of pedagogy and wish to go deeper :D

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    Well...somethings come natural to any body moovement related to music, like stretching, contemporary dance , pilates...I received a good training and I can pass what I hold to others, could be able to organize mini cocurses also for elders or non trained people.

    I am a quite good cooker if I focus on it XD both for family meals or to make original meals for events...I had to do it in manies international erasmus dinner and also in "social lunch" for fundaraising in charity projects I had to organize it with really few money XD by using lots of immagination sometime things can turn into success...for my own nutrition I like to re discover traditional receipe of vernacular cuisine with local products :d

    Since october 2020 I am gaining knowledge in vegetable eco-gardening :) as I am cooperating with a farmer in the phlaegrean area of Monte Sant'Angelo, taking care of counter-slope of the Bourbon terraces and shaping terrain for rainwater regulation.

    I have some knowledge in generative welfare, trasformative economies and social enterprises :) which is something i have been dealing with while cooperating with non profit org, for which i had to do fundraising and make project concept and management. Recently I was involved in tactical urbanism actions and planning of urban acupuncture interventions.
    Been teaching italian to adults and illitterates has been something I started doing since couple of years, and I have been recently experimenting eco-colors and tissue imprinting.
    I had work experience as shop assistant and baby sitting while being freelance designer :) And i enjoy changing tasks.

    I can for sure help in cleaning, renovating interiors, and I am a tested good wall painter XD ( done it several times ). I like to repair and reuse, creating new objects which make life funnier and Planet breathing better.

    I in fact love manual work but I can deal with software of graphics and I started experimenting my skills in social comunication and contents production, whishing to improve them more and more, specially regarding video editing with Adobe cloud ( Illustrator+Photoshop ) but I also use Canva for faster projects and I am confident with Word, Excell, Google drive and collaborative working methods.

    I really enjoy spending time with pets and animals in farm, stay in contact with them is just a medicine to me.

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    would like to keep practicing my english, but i am strong in basic grammar and i can go with even long conversation. I really need to refresh my french which i have been studying plus practicing while in Morocco, and Spanish is a language I constantly use. I would love to keep learning turkish, as I started while in Erasmus, and I amfascinated by polish...but i would like to learn all languages, if it is possible.

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    Being in Naples I would love to collaborate with onlus I had the chance to get in touch with, as a a volunteer in
    protecting the hill of Monte Sant'Angelo ( in the Phlaeagrean area ) from hydrogeological risk by restoring the Bourbon terraces used for ecological horticulture as a practice for rediscovering non-commercialized seeds while keeping alive a landscape heritage.
    Another Project I would like to get involved in is the re-opening of the Afro-ItalianTailoring workshop in Forcella, with the aim of promote neighborhood social cohesion especially among local and immigrant women.

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      I prefer rice, legumes and potatoes rather then gluten, but I am not celiac. I try to avoid porc, reduce meat and i am eating lots of vegetables, but i can eat everything in wartime.