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    Frankreich, Portugal, Schweiz, Spanien, Österreich

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    01.03.2020 - 31.05.2021

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    Hi Beautiful People of the world!

    How are you? In this message's we'll do our best to introduce ourselves to you.

    We are Johan(39), Wendy(38) and our little one, Kyan(7) from The Netherlands.

    Keywords, just a few: Eco-living, Sustainable Nomads, Unconditional Parenting, Travelling, Minimalist, Homeschooling. Freedom, Natural Health, (RAW)Vegan, Fruitarian

    Value's: Neatly, Polite, Kind, Enthusiastic, Clean, Hardworking, Loving, Sharing, Honest.
    Do you want to know more about us?
    Keep on reading.

    We signed up with Workaway to contribute to the world in a fun way. Experiencing new cultures, habits and beliefs in a non-tourist way. Finding a new place to settle that can provide us with all human needs. Sunshine, ripe fruits, fresh water and loving like-minded people.
    In our opinion the best way to experience is to do what locals do. So this is why we want to connect to people and help them where we can.

    Our path started 20 years ago, as a couple. The different ways people live their lives and the reasons they do or don’t are very interesting. What really does make you feel happy and alive? This question has many answers and one of them is to experience freedom, be of significance and have some adventure. Being generous and kind, share and contribute makes life worth living. We wish to experience and share this feeling of freedom with many others. Wendy mostly shows the way to her clients and whomever she meets to overcome inner struggles and start enjoying life. We believe nature & earth provides everything we humans need to life. Some secrets might not be well-known yet of are still hidden, nethertheless we are the creators of our world. Let’s make the most of it.

    We are pretty flexible and have travelled in all different way’s. Camper, car, airplane, boat, by foot. Going with the flow while enjoying the good things the world has to offer. Continually working on ourselves and our relationships the whole journey is quite an experience.
    About 2 years ago we started with our old-timer Mercedes truck from 1989. Johan stripped the whole truck, and rebuild the complete thing from scratch. After finding out VanLife wasn’t for now we sold the truck and became backpackers with our tent.

    We get the most energy out of being outside in nature, when we are renovating or building something, taking care of the garden or just having a nice chat. Finding ourselves in nature always gives us the things we need.
    We love to grow our own herbs, fruits, vegetables and other eatable plants. Since we have been traveling it’s been a big relieve to put our hands in the soil en help people with their gardens or plots. It is such a creative and learning way to connect to the earth.

    As a passionate naturopath Wendy sees intuitively where she can help by applying her knowledge and skills. To help people with their challenges, whatever they are, is a fur filling way to love the world.
    Sharing your knowledge to other people and learning from other people, seems to us the way it has meant to be.

    Let’s be honest, there aren’t many (RAW) Vegans out there. After trying many different diets and lifestyles we came to the path of Detox & Regeneration. We eat mainly fruit for breakfast & Lunch. Dinner usually consists of salads and different kind of vegetables. We both love to "cook" and be creative with food. Do you want to try some Healthy Nicecream, Raw Crackers or other healthy food? We love to show you how and prepare food with you.

  • Bereiche, die uns interessieren oder in denen wir anderen etwas beibringen können

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    Heimwerker- und Bauarbeiten
    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
    Hilfe mit Computer /Internet
  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    Johan worked as an engineer at a contractor for 11 years and gets great pleasure out of fixing things. With two right hands, he installed the kitchen, renovated the bathroom (with help) and has done a lot with woodwork. He single-handed converted a 30year old truck into a very luxurious home. Johan has many skills like joinery and carpentry as well as technical drawing. His speciality is renovating and wood.
    Studies: MBO Engineering, Ecobuilding/Renovation
    DiversLicence: B,C

    Kyan is a wonderful kid who just starts to read and write. He is7 years old and speaks Dutch, English and is learning French/Spanish. He can play with many childeren and always loves to connect. He is very ourgoing, adventerous and doesn't have many fears. He loves cat's and other small animals. He went to a democratic school for a while and last year he has learned as we go. He can ride a bike, ski, run, climb and teach you how to make healthy smoothies and salads. He can prepare his own food and has an unique way of making people happy.

    Wendy as a naturopath helps people regaining their health by different natural therapies and coaching. She also organizes Festivals and Retreats to spread knowledge about the relation between food and healing. She does hands healings, wrist and muscle testing to find weakest points in the energetic body, which will help you find the root cause of your issues. Wendy can also provide meditation/healing classes with techniques to improve the overall wellbeing, reduce stress, relax the mind and connect to the inner soul. Wendy did the online marketing as well as the website for her festival as well. So when you need a website, feel free to ask.
    Studies: Bachelor Education Physics/Chemistry. Bachelor of Education in Information&Communication Technologies. Bachelor Eclectic Energetic Natural Medicine includes regular western medicine as well. Merkaba Healer, ThetaHealer(r), Reiki Master. Specialist in raw food and detoxification. Diploma for Assitent gymnastic teacher.
    DiversLicence: A,B,C

  • Gesprochene Sprachen

    English: Fließend
    Dutch: Fließend
    German: Gute Kenntnisse
    Spanish: Grundkenntnisse
    French: Grundkenntnisse

  • Alter

    39 & 39

  • Was noch ...

    Wendy was in politics, the city counsel for 8 years. She teaches Physics and Chemistry and IT at secondair school.
    Johan was an engineer/project manager in a renovation company for 11 years.

    We went biking around the coast line of the Netherlands in the POORING rain for 2 weeks with a 2-year old and our tent on the back. You can imagine nothing was dry after 3 days and we bought Kyan a rain-suit.
    We lived 3 weeks without running water in the hot sun in Spain and our composting toilet with our tent only. ;) Can you imagine this hot weather and no shower, sitting on the toilet and everyone sees you?
    We went skiing with our self-build oldtimer Van and slept "in the snow". While skiing during the day. After a month on several mountaintops we came down Alpe d'Huez and the differential broke. The truck was transported to a garage back in the Netherlands. There we stood with only a bag of some underwear, a phone and food in our hands. The backpacking trip back had begon :-).

    We went backpacking in Toledo Belize and walked bare foot in the dark through the rain, no worries about tarantulas, snakes and muskito's. Who does that in the rainy season?

    We started with our Ecovillage project in The Netherlands and after 4 years it wasn't functioning yet. Sometimes eco-sustainable living is difficult for authorities. We are in the foundation called Off-Grid Ecovillages to promote and support the build of eco-living.

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      Johan: Peanuts&Walnuts

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      We have a (mainly raw) Vegan diet (Fruits & Vegetables) We don't mind getting our own fruit. We don't mind if you eat different either.