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    I am Jesse :) I've been traveling for about six years, ever since I finished high school. I love it. I started out doing workaway for about a year, then shifted to teaching English and, finally, freelance writing. I haven't done workaway in some years but I'm hoping to have a change of lifestyle this year to be able to focus more on my own personal projects––a book and some philosophical essays! I love the study of religion and mythology, of the development of human culture and civilization over time. I love many fields of philosophy but probably the most important to me is the study of our subjective conscious experience here––what is experience? How do we conceive of value and meaning? What fulfills us? How does language and story give shape to our awareness of reality? Where do emotions come from, and how should they be viewed?

    And so on :)

    I have so so many interests (I want to learn about everything) but the problem with the last four years is that I was writing a book and essays and studying; AND freelancing online for work––so I end up spending so much time inside.

    I am very blessed, of course. My life is free and very flexible. Ultimately though, it's too much time at the computer, and a lot of solitude.

    So I think it's time to go back to workaway :) I need to preserve my creative energy for my own personal projects. I'm hoping to get active again, get outdoors, meet other travelers, and so on.

    I love to connect with people, to share stories, to share moments in nature and anything creative, music or art or dance or writing. I love learning language! But I don't speak too many :( I'm hoping to focus on that more in the future.

    Despite mostly writing for the last 4/5 years or so, I have experience with a range of jobs. I've done basic farmwork, construction, and carpentry. I've taught English in Italy and in China, and have worked in a hotel/kitchen in Egypt. Probably a lot of the skills many workawayers have :)

    I've worked on a ranch and at a horse sanctuary, which gave me some more particular skills like using a chainsaw (also regularly cut wood growing up), driving a tractor (backhoe excavator), herding and maintaining cattle, and so on.

    I love horses. My last workaway host (horse sanctuary) said I was good enough to be considered an 'intermediate' rider but I think I would consider myself more of a beginner. I was working with some very knowledgeable people though and I did pick up some skills. I am very comfortable grooming and tacking of course, but also learned some basic medical care, training, and the greatest skill of all––trailer loading.

    I've done some groundwork, but not much––lunging and sacking and breaking to lead, training the horse to flex and grow comfortable picking up its feet, and so on. Some of the rescues at the sanctuary were a bit sensitive and crazy when we first brought them in, so I had the opportunity to start with the fundamentals. I've ridden as well of course, though this was probably more training myself than the horses (sometimes getting them used to different bits or bitless bridles; but otherwise I was more the beginner).

    I play cello :) and am trying to learn guitar.

    I am currently on a motorcycle, traveling across Europe. I bought the motorcycle in Georgia (the country) so I could go more wild places, do a bit more camping, and be more independent.

    Thanks for reading! Perhaps we will meet someday :)



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    I'm very interested in language. I think it's deeply tied to our identity as humans and to many of the most fundamental questions that we ask, the ideas that we conceive of, and the meaning we share between ourselves. If I do go to university it might be to study linguistic psychology. I speak Spanish and English fluently, understand most Italian and can communicate myself. I have recently started studying Hebrew. The Latin languages are all very lovely and rather easy to me, so I am confident in my ability to improve in French/Portuguese/Italian very quickly just being in the environment.

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    I am a very skilled writer, and English is my natural language (if you consider that a skill). I have experience with basic handiwork such as plumbing (very basic), carpentry, etc. . . . I have experience in felling trees/chopping firewood, and generally all other simple tasks required in the upkeep of a home and yard. I can cook, though of course each has his/her own preferred methods. . . . I play cello as well! Absolutely love music, though I doubt Workaway will be the place that can be applied.

    I am familiar to some small degree with web design, as I have just recently designed and launched a travel blog.

    I have worked for two months on a permaculture farm in Romania, learning a lot about farming. I have herded goats in the desert, and I have worked in a tourist resort doing basic customer service, housekeeping, and cooking.

    But most importantly I am hardworking, responsible, interactive and very eager to learn. Of course I myself am writing this, so there is little accountability, but for what it is worth I am happy to learn everything and honestly feel that I listen and learn well.

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