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    from the 6 to the 10 of sept in hamburg, 10 to 13 in lubeck, 13 to 16 Copenhagen, 16 to 23 in kolding, and after that no plan.

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    The thing that I love the most is talking with people and getting to know them, their experiences and life stories, I like making witty jokes with whatever mundane thing we are talking about, I like making people laugh because I feel thats the best way to make people feel at ease and start a meaningful relationship. I like languages, right now I am at I´m fluent in spanish and english and I can speak German, also some mayan and some insults in a lot of other languages.
    I love animals, I have a Shiba inu that has her own facebook page with 66,000 followers, a Pomeranian with a weird name, a baby bird and a cat. I Have taken care of Possums, stray cats and chickens. I have tried to do my own garden and failed miserably, I hope some of the work I do will help me learn more. I liked to read, but social media addiction makes it hard to pick up again, but learning with videos on youtube has helped. I love travelling, before Covid I visited a new place every weekend in my state or neighboring ones. I also love singing, when I´m driving,in the shower, laying in bed or just walking around with my headphones (quietly this last one). I even started to learn how to play guitar because I liked singing at events.
    I like trying all kinds of food, vegan, regional, home recipes handed down by great grandma, whatever uncle Greg just invented and more.
    Also I´m vaccinated.

    Now some serious stuff:
    Well, here in my hometown I have worked as a tour guide, this kind of work started when I started working with volunteers, this was the first job that I really like, before I had work as a mechanic but I didnt learn much, I have had work at a fishing store where i learned to do a weird kind of fishhook, and not many more jobs, I learned that I like manual labor in which I could speak with all kind of people.
    I found that volunteers where often happy with making other people happy, so I want to try that.
    I´m still searching for a meaning for my life, and maybe travelling will help me. Because of Covid I lost my tourist guide company which I was starting from the ground up, this was the happiest and more in peace with my self I had ever been.
    I want to do this workaway thing because I´m studying tourism, but because right now mexico schools are still closed and will be for a while, I thought that it would be better if I took a break from this zoom classroom in which im not learning anything and go to Germany to better my german and in a later date go back to Germany as an exchange student.

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    I´m a strong and resilient guy, i´m a quick learner, good with languages, good with people, I can drive and can change tires, I´m good with heavy tools, I know my way around social media ( My dog´s page can tell you about it) , I have good social skills, I am really open minded, which would not be a skill but it is coming from a conservative third world country, I know the basics of cooking and can follow recipies , I can baby sit dogs (babies are too complex) , I can translate from english to spanish and viceversa.
    I really hope my experience with hosts will let me make this list much bigger, I´m looking to learn more about sustainability.

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    One of the main reasons I´m travelling is to better my german so I can certify it at B2 so I can study my last year of university at a German school. Also I have never tried it but I can try to teach english or spanish.

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