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    I would call myself an explorer and wonder-er (not wanderer=), at heart. I find the most exciting place to explore is actually the vast expanse of my inner world. It's unlimited and unconditional, it never lies, and I can always go there for a trusted place to laugh, cry, seek solace or wisdom, or I must say, hang out with some great company (because I find myself pretty entertaining).

    I find that what shows up to explore in my outer world (or on the pages of my storybook) can have me running the gamut of emotions but I enjoy meeting this head on and I've observed my typical approach to any day or situation being to observe, wonder and work towards always responding with my best... and then I do a pretty good job getting back to awe.

    In other words I LOVE to be alone yet I also enjoy the deep companionship of others.

    ~I've been called a deep thinker and an enchanting conversationalist (when inspiration hits, otherwise I can be pretty silent). I don't necessarily have favorite topics as much as favorites ways of conversing - supporting a conversation, be it movies to economics or even just silence is an art that I'm learning. But I love wondering why I do what I do.

    ~I learn a TON from movies especially the Disney / animated and fairy tales, I find them to be full of all sorts of great lessons and truths and refer to them often in my own life.

    ~I love to play, and have an unencumbered silly side.
    ~I'm always seeking to understand and help others to understand what they want as well.
    ~Hot topics of interest for me are: qi gong, breathing, quantum physics, detox, gut & body health, inner worlds/outer worlds, eating/fasting, animal communication, Anastasia and the Ringing Cedar Series -I'm highly influenced by these books

    ~I think my goal is live each moment with meaning, and that requires flexibility, agility, and big open eyes because meaning can look an unfathomable number of different ways.

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    Yoga / Wellness
    Kunst & Design
    Darstellende Künste
    Heimwerken & DIY
    Film & Fernsehen

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    Heimwerker- und Bauarbeiten
    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof

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    Zubereiten / Kochen von Mahlzeiten für die Familie
    Betreuung von Tieren
    Tourismus / Gastgewerbe
    Hilfe mit Computer /Internet

    In der Lage, anderen etwas beizubringen:  

    Babysitten und Kinderbetreuung
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    -Creative Problem Solving - I'm really good at figuring out how to get something done, out of the box thinker
    -Good at focusing on what is wanted from a situation and bringing a person or willing group back to their center
    -Good at working with others and helping those who are willing see more and work through emotions
    -Running a bnb and tourist work (Airbnb and similar type listings)
    -I know my way around a wordpress website and booking sites
    (I developed and ran a visitor program and volunteer work trade program at an intentional community for about 3.5 years and have built up booking sites for rental/guide companies)
    -Great personal assistant skills
    -Essential Oils, I'm not an expert, but I use them and have a solid understanding of them
    -Follow directions well and I lead well
    -I've keept a little herb garden growing
    -Child Care
    -Dog Care
    -House Sitting (I am responsible and clean and leave your place as good or in better condition than I found it)

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    Russisch: Grundkenntnisse

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    I'd love to become fluent in Russian. I am a native English speaker and could help people practice that, but I have no formal teacher training.

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    -------------------*️️️️IMPT: I travel with my DOG - more about us---------------------------

    My dog, Zushi Japan Cornflake (Zushi for short), is an 11.5 year old Vizsla with a ton of energy and a high capacity for learning. When I put my all in towards teaching her something she is "on point" (no pun intended (she's a pointer)).

    *️️️️The places I'm looking to travel to are those where Zushi and I can feel free to explore and be ourselves. She is a very important part of who I am. I'd love to go to places where the people will prioritize helping her learn how to interact in new helpful ways with others and animals too and maybe even let her cuddle with them too.

    ~She is a joy to be around but can take a few days to settle down when we get to a new location - she needs time to explore and trust her surroundings (and then you'll see a side of her you wont be able to let go of =).

    ~She is a beggar and I'm trying to break her of this
    ~She loves people and can always find the party

    ~She is fine with kids and is intrigued and likes to sniff them and lick their faces (if she's allowed) but she is sensitive to the energies around her, so low key interactions usually work best as they get to know each other unless the kids are very comfortable with dogs and are confident in setting their own boundaries with her.

    ~If the kids are doing something she doesn't like, she'll just walk away if she doesn't like their approach, and that's something I teach kids to respect about her.

    Other animals
    ~She does like to chase squirrels, other rodents and deer (but will not if I tell her no)
    ~She hasn't cared for chickens and ducks much (especially when they have babies! -she's been told a few times)
    ~She hasn't been around free roaming rabbits without chasing them - but I think she could learn not to
    ~She hasn't been shown how to properly interact with horses or cows, as I don't know how to either, we would like to learn this.

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      not that I'm aware of

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      Yes, I eat Vegan and/or mostly raw or just fruit. I also tend to like eating less than more. But do love a good indulge!