Chilled out, healing spacce: fixing up a semi-abandoned remote off-grid property, in a magical forest, near Krakow, Southern Poland.

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    We are Michal and Katherine, a Polish/Australian couple who have bought an old, dilapidated house & property, hidden away in a quiet, magical forest on top of a mountain. With no neighbours, and only a sleepy walking trail leading up to the house, we pretty much have the whole forest to ourselves here and can explore the slopes and valleys all day without running into another soul. It's a quite unique area as despite feeling so peaceful, private, and isolated - we are only a 3 km walk to the village shop, and 2kms from the nearest bus stop. Its a wonderful area to get a taste of real Polish village life, with many working farms, gorgeous traditional wooden houses, a myriad of ancient local legends, and friendly families who can trace their ancestors here back to the dawn of time.

    For us, our forest home is a place of great power and transformation. We have a deep connection with the plants and animals and are trying to navigate the challenges of this land and lifestyle in a way which heals and empowers us. If you work with energy or delving into the spiritual side of life, this could be a unique and powerful place for you to visit. It's not famous, in fact noone has ever heard of this place. You might end up here getting lost exploring backroads one day. It's not even a national park or particularly old forest. It's an unexpected kind of place that you wouldn't think would offer anything amazing, but when given a chance and listened to patiently, can reveal miracles, deep connections, sacredness divine love and healing.

    This is a new thing for us, we haven't ever had people from workaway (or actually anybody) stay here before. In fact, staying still and living somewhere - having a home that's ours... is a new thing for us. But we have travelled all over the world, lived in different countries in various situations, and had similar experiences from the volunteer side, as well as couchsurfing, hitchiking, van life, generally being vagabonds and following the adventure.

    We are human - we can be introverted, extroverted, super chill, or having existential crises some days. Not going to lie - we did move here to be alone and its a bit scary to invite people into our secret little world... But we also want to share it with others who might need the healing and peace its giving to us. We have big hearts full of love ready to be shared, and will always be honest and communicative about our feelings and try not to be weird in the "bad" ways, only in the "good" ways (a lifetime of work). We are happy to give you your space and to have ours, but also to spend time with cool new people and hopefully make some friends. We are open minded and accepting, and want to foster an environment in which people can explore and discover themselves without feeling judged or pressured. The world has been through so much trauma, and it feels so important now more than ever, and simply the right time in the grand cycle of life and death... for us all to have the opportunity to just be; to feel how we feel, to change, the grow, to let go, to re-align, and even to hurt and not to hide our own trauma away any more.

    Currently we spend our days working on the house and garden, working remotely (katherine's a writer, michal is a translator), reading, cuddling (we do that alot), painting, creating, meditating, breathwork, being still and other magical stuff, being with the plants and animals, and chilling with films. Don't feel put off by all the mentions of magic if that doesn't resonate with you its okay, we are also just normal people trying to find ways to be happy and the best version of ourselves. Stereotypically, Katherine is more of the "hippy" and Michal is more of the "practical/reserved" type. Although I use those terms very very loosely, haha. I just mean to say that if you're a person who is uncomfortable with expressing emotions but likes nature and wants to come build stuff, then you will still be very comfortable here. Everyone has their own unique path and noone should feel as if they are in a race to be the most healed, or happy, or strong. No one person is better or wiser than anyone else rather, they are just composed in their own unique form.

    We will strive to treat everyone who comes here as a unique, valuable human and as an equal, and to try to listen to them, to find out how to make them feel the most comfortable and happy in their own personal way, and to actually hear them when they express themselves to us.

    For the record, we also do have a sense of humor (although it might not come across in this wall of text!) and the banter is neverending. So don't be scared that everything will be serious all the time.

    The Property:

    Depending on who you are and how your life has been, you might either see this place as a super remote difficult property in terrible condition, or a sprawling forest mansion that dreams are made of which you never want to leave. Depending on the day and our mood, we might give you either answer, haha. There are both challenges and miracles here.

    So the house and land are old and have not been looked after in many years and are kind of semi-renovated, semi-falling apart.

    We have a big main house with electricity and water from the well, which currently only has two rooms in functional states - the kitchen and our bedroom. We have a backroom which used to be a stable but has been partially renovated and needs some more work to become liveable. There is also a huge empty renovation-needing attic space which we hope to transform into an awesome second story.

    We have two big empty fields we dont quite know what to do with (they have previously been used to farm potatoes and as a vineyard), an orchard (apples, plums, pears, cherry) in need of TLC, and a huge vegetable garden currently overrun with weeds which we would love to get up and running again.

    We also have a pizza oven, a smoker, and even a jaccuzzi (but we need to figure out how to get rainwater into it as the well doesn't have enough). Plus a huge old gorgeous barn with loads of potential, and a magic historical mini log cabin from 1891.

    Basically we have more land and stuff than we know what to do with, and would really love some help in generally cleaning/clearing/fixing/gardening/renovating/helping this diamond in the rough to shine.

    One important thing: we don't have a car -- we walk everywhere, and this can be a pain in the ass sometimes! We have to hike to the shop with a big backpack for supplies, so we are very careful with what we buy and how we use it. Its not so far (the nearest shop is a 6km round trip, but is small, the next closest one is an 8km round trip but has more variety), but its not so close when you are loaded up like a sherpa. It is a gorgeous walk though. Great views.

    You would be staying in the mini log cabin, which (will soon have - we need to prepare it as its currently used for storage) a basic set up with a couple of beds, an electric stovetop and a kettle. We would love to improve it and make it more comfortable, but maybe thats something you can help with.

    We are planning to set up an outdoor shower you can use, and you can access the toilet in the main house.

    Katherine loves to cook and will be happy to feed you. Won't like to label ourselves in general, but we do eat 99% vegan and vegetarian food. Indian curry (dahl, aloo palak etc), Mexican re-fried bean tortillas and pizza are a few of our staples. We try to use local seasonal vegetables, and whatever we have in the garden, and whatever the shops have. Katherine also loves to experiment with the endless varieties of wild foragables from the forest, which are incredibly diverse and bountiful here.

  • Arten von Hilfe und Lernmöglichkeiten

    Arten von Hilfe und Lernmöglichkeiten

    Hilfe bei Ökoprojekten
    Heimwerker- und Bauarbeiten
    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof
    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
  • Kultureller Austausch und Lernmöglichkeiten

    Kultureller Austausch und Lernmöglichkeiten

    Katherine is a "witch", for lack of a better term, but who follows her own rules (or makes them up as she goes), and works with nature and the world. She (I'm writing in third person, haha) will be super happy to give healings, massages, readings, etc. whatever you seem to need, to whoever wants it. Energy and magic are as simple as breathing, are fluid, accessible, everywhere, in everything, and can be used by any one in any way, so long as they open themselves to it. If we have any "power plants", *wink wink, we can also work with these together, maybe make a ceremony.

    She can also teach you all about the seemingly endless local foragable plants and their edible and medicinal uses, as all plants have their own special magic. Or maybe you can teach her something! Mushroom season is huge in Poland and there are plenty around here - we certainly aren't experts but it's still fun to go hunting. If you like meditating or communing with nature, the forest here will open it's arms for you and wrap you up in love. There are so many private, secret little magical places to find, and trees to hug. You can even walk naked through the forest, or dancing in the rain here without worry of running into anyone. I do it all the time. I highly recomment sunbathing naked in our field.

    There are also looooads of wild animals to experience and even communicate with here. We have deer raising fawns in our garden, lizard families in the steps, snakes making love for hours, salamanders meander by on warm wet afternoons, fireflies glow up our garden like fairies on long summer nights, hawks, blue tits, robins and woodpeckers and more all nest right here on our land, popielica (similar to australian possums or squirrels) live in our roof, as do martens. Foxes, wild boar, and many more animals to make friends with. Frogs and newts splash in forest puddles, and in the winding streams in the valley below.

    Oh, and of course, the two cuddliest, kindest, wisest, calmest, most wonderful cats you'll ever meet (make that four - we have just been blessed with adorable kittens!).

    It's also an amazing place to watch the stars at night (really clear), or to greet the dawn sunrise (like being in heaven).

    We have an incredible view from the top of our field - you can see Babia Gora (One of Poland's most sacred mountains), and all the way to the Tatra Mountains. The mountains are an intrinsic part of Michal's soul, and he would be delighted to take you on or recommend you some beautiful walks/hikes in the local area (we are in the foothills of the Carpathians), or to any of the numerous higher mountain ranges we have a bit further away (Tatras, Babia Gora, Wyspowy, Beskidy, etc.). We actually live along a hiking trail - the Blue Trail - which leads all the way to Slovakian Tatra's in the south! And whether you're a slow sleepy stop-to-look-at-every-stone meandering walker, an intense risk-taking hiker or anywhere in between, there's a path for you.

    If you want to check out interesting towns and villages, there are endless fascinating places to choose from. Whether youre after the ancient or modern. For example, the major city of Krakow is only 30kms away and packed with museums, cafes, amazing food, an incredibly well-preserved old town, stunning architecture, shopping, everything you could want for. The small city of Wadowice is only about 10kms away, but is the famous hometown of Pope John Paul II and one of Polands major pilgramige places. Lanc Korona and Kalwaria are equally close and equally famous for their architecture, churches, monastaries and fascinating history stretching back to ancient times.
    You can walk or get busses to all these places and more.

  • Arbeit


    So, there's plenty of stuff to choose from, but we are just figuring out what to do one at a time as we go along. The place needs a lot of love in a lot of areas.

    useful skills:
    -carpentry/wood work
    -knowledge of plants or permaculture
    -artistic stuff
    -any form of magic/healing work/shamanism
    -just being willing to give things a go
    -being kind, openminded and honest

    some things we want to do:
    -connect the rainwater tanks to the house/improve the well system
    -build a solid outdoor composting toilet and a rainwater connected shower.
    -insulate/paint the house
    -fix up the attic of the main house
    -clear out the weeds and blackberries from the overgrown garden
    -set up a functioning and natural permaculture garden
    -clear out the backroom (main house) and barn and turn them into comfortable, functioning, liveable areas
    -generally adding charm/love/life/magic/art/sculpture to the house and land
    -if you have a specific thing your good at but i didn't list, you're welcome to make suggestions
    -teach us to play an instrument or another cool skill

    We are just figuring things out and learning as we go, and are by no means skilled or experts ourselves. You dont need to be super fit or super skilled to come visit us - if the energy feels right and you're willing to give things a go, we will welcome you here.

    We also have no idea how much help actually we needbut I highly doubt it would even be 5 days of the week. We are sporadic and trying to let ourselves work when it feels right, rest when it feels right, and not push or put pressure on ourselves to go in either direction. We would treat you the same, and be very flexible and open to how you feel and what you want to do. It's hard to say whether when you come we will be in a super motivated lets-get-things-done kind of mood, or an "eh, maybe tomorrow" kind of mood. There will be plenty of time chilling and there is always endless work to do if you are getting right into it. Obviously we are doing this because we would like some help, but, again, we are all human. Me and Michal are faaar from hard taskmasters cracking the whip and if anything will just feel weird being in a position of "authority". We are just people, you are just a person, we will figure it out as we go.

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    Englisch: Fließend
    Polnisch: Fließend

  • Unterkunft


    You would be staying in the gorgeous mini log cabin (from 1891, a traditional hay hut called a 'Spiklarz'), which (will soon have) a basic set up with a couple of beds, an electric stovetop and a kettle. We would love to improve it and make it more comfortable, but maybe thats something you can help with. It's in the orchard set against the forest, far enough away from the mainhouse for a little privacy, but close enough that you're not at all isolated (like 20ish metres away?).

    We are planning to set up an outdoor shower you can use, and you can access the toilet in the main house. We also have a portable laundry machine you can use.

    We also have a tent you are welcome to use anywhere on the land or in the forest.

    We will try to help you with whatever you need and to feed you well, just remember that we are in an isolated place without a car.

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  • Kann Digital Nomads unterbringen

    Kann Digital Nomads unterbringen

    We both work remotely (a writer and a translator), so there's no problem there. However, we don't have WiFi - we each use our mobile phones as hotspots for our laptops. So, you would need to use your own phone as a hotspot too. Network coverage is good here. For us, generally it works well enough even to stream films.

  • Platz zum Abstellen von Camper Vans

    Platz zum Abstellen von Camper Vans

    Well - we have the parking space but no experience :) Many cars, vans, trucks and tractors have successfully arrived and left! Campervan should be fine during dry weather. The dirt road leading here is pretty accessible, however can turn pretty muddy in two specific places when it's wet and you can get bogged. Never tried to connect a vehicle to electricity here but if you know how, you're welcome to. Same with rainwater tanks.

  • Hier sind Haustiere in der Regel willkommen

    Hier sind Haustiere in der Regel willkommen

    As long as they are chill and don't chase the cats or wildlife, they are welcome :)

  • Kapazität - wie viele Workawayer maximal

    Kapazität - wie viele Workawayer maximal


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    Maximum 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week

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