A selection of our feedback from hosts and workawayers

I stayed with Nicky and Andrew for three weeks this autumn and had the best time I could hope for. There is an inexhaustible amount of things to learn reaching from trimming hooves to shifting cows and making cakes. As they say they are a very busy family and anyone with a vague interest in horses or farming is sure not to get bored. My days, for example, consisted of the morning (7 am) feed, a lovely shared breakfast, a few hours of farm work, lunch and a whole afternoon of horse work and riding (absolutely wonderful to my taste) before a good hearty dinner with the family. So you do need to be willing to put in the work, but you'll get so much back in return. I absolutely recommend staying with this inspiring couple, their cool daughters, talking cockatoo and fun staff.
"What do words eat? ...What do clouds eat?" These are some of the fantastic questions you may be asked by a delightful 2 y/o who is full of wisdom, curiosity, joy and wonder. They are a sweet and loving little family in a magical home tucked inside a charming hilltop village. I had the joyful honor of volunteering for about two weeks in June. I helped the little one learn English (although, I must say I learned a great deal of Dutch and French from her too!!) We cooked colorful, flavorful and highly nutritious meals together, had adventures in the garden, played fun games and made up songs that I still love to sing to this day!! :D I am grateful to Garance for helping me to learn about La Drome and its biologique farming role in France and also having the opportunity to experience playgroups and Montessori schools in the region. As an educator, it was quite a revelation to see other ways of creating fantastic experiences for children that nurture their curiosity! Again, I have met another family that I now consider friends and hope to see them again some day. Where ever I am in the world, they are also welcome!
We stayed here for three weeks and it was an unforgettable experiance! Savon and Savuth were great hosts and the other workawayers were amazing! Everyday we would bike to the school through the Cambodian countryside. It was an incredible way to experiance Cambodian life. Not to mention the adorable children! This work away would be especially good for someone willing to stay for a few months and really build a relationship with the students. Thank you very much for everything! We miss you all
alvin and nike were incredibly warm and generous, fully embracing me and fellow workawayers into their daily lives- the work largely consisted of renovating/building, cleaning house and pool, which was interesting and educational for me every step of the way. they have great friends around so on various nights and weekends we would be invited to lively social gatherings, meeting wonderful, new people. we felt like adopted children in the best way, and i couldn't have asked for a better first workaway experience. a thousand thank you's!
Where to start... The hosts, Karen and Matthew, are amazing people. Both are incredibly intelligent with copious amounts of knowledge to pick from while staying there. Not only are they happy and well versed, but inspirational as well. It is rare that one comes across someone who truly follows their dream. Especially when the dream, at the time of deciding to follow it, seems far-fetched. Karen and Matthew are a remarkable duo who were able to say goodbye to their professional lives, and live sustainably and successfully amongst nature. This success is strung together with plentiful organic and vegan foods, prepared by 5-star-chef-Karen (my rating) that even the most fastidious eater would enjoy. (For anyone reading this... If you hear the words "Peanut-Butter Lentil Burgers" during your stay, prepare your pallet for a good time.) While Karen is cooking away, the other half, Matthew, is helping the workers as well as giving the chance for new skills to be attained and answering any questions about the project at hand. Finally, the atmosphere of the place is so peaceful and tranquil. Between the snow-capped mountains, doing yoga in town after a days work, or just admiring the view from the house, one really gets a full dose of fresh nature that leaves the body revitalised. I would like to thank both Karen and Matthew for an amazing stay, and the people that I worked with as well. I can walk away, or rather take many busses, trains, and a plane, from this place and know that I have made friendships to last throughout the years.