A selection of our feedback from hosts and workawayers

This hostel is an excellent choice for anyone who is doing workaway for the first time. It's an incredibly safe and welcoming place, with a wonderful and knowledgable manager, named Karon. The work is well worth all of the benefits. I stayed for one month and truly had the time of my life. Some of my favorite memories were spending days at playa escondida, swimming with bioluminescent plankton under the stars, hiking through the jungle, spending the day sailing to other islands, and partying with all the crazy wonderful guests that come through the door. I made friends and memories that will last a lifetime.
I had such an amazing time working at the school and living with this incredible family! It was the highlight of my time in India. My friend and I spent 1 month at the school and we enjoyed every minute. Looking back on memories from this time make me feel so lucky to have found such a great host. The family is unforgettable and so kind, we really felt at home with them and I miss them SO much now! I loved played basketball after school with the family, having chai and momos (dumplings) on the patio, singing songs at school with the kids, and dancing all night with the family at parties. I would go back again in a heart beat.
Dear Robert and Mickey, Hosting you felt more like having a couple of old friends over for a visit, than having two strangers come to our home. From the very first moment we knew you would be of great help in and around the house, and both Paul and I are grateful for all the work you have done. You were reliable, responsible, had initiative, which gave us a peace of mind knowing you'd get the jobs done without much supervision. Mickey, you cooked wonderful meals (I still dream of that pumpkin pie) and it was such a relief not having to worry about what to cook or stressing out over timing the lunches for when the kids get home from school. Robert, the laundry room is now my favourite room in the house and I look forward to spending some Me Time there. And, I promise to send pictures of our house once it's covered with trellis-climbing-plants. Thank you for being such wonderful company, for all the moments we shared over a cuppa or a game of cards, and most of all, for being so great with the kids. They still talk about you and I am sure they will continue to ask about your whereabouts for a long time to come. And if Dina could talk, she would do the same. We wish you a wonderful time globetrotting for the next 6 months, good luck job hunting once you go back home, and we hope you come and visit us again. Really. Love from all of us, xxx
It was my first workaway project and I am glad it started with this project. I spent about 2 months at the Ranch and had variety of experience. I saw heavy rains, snowfall, strong bura and sunshine. After so many years, this project helped me to get connected with simple ways of living as I was used to as child. I went for walks around the place, got invited to an old style house in nearby village and was a part of a family get together. This was great way to see the local culture, which would not have been possible as normal tourist. At the ranch, it was always exciting and active work, when Goran comes on weekend. In the beginning it was strange for me to act on impulse. He thinks, starts building/working and finish so fast and with so much of energy and commitment. Coming from corporate world it was hard to get use to the "impulse work" than planned work. I got used to it soon and we enjoyed building a donkey house, chicken house, fireplace room to sit and eat. There was never any shortage of food at his place. As one other workawayer wrote, there is always enough for an army :). He cooked lots of local meals and taught me how to cook Turkish coffee and frutti di mare :). We had so many walks around, talks over weekend and late night and also when we got stuck in day long rains. Animals (dogs, donkey and cat) keep you involved as well. Being more a dog guy, I did not like the cat, but we managed well :). When I came to ranch, the same day we brought donkey as well from a movie crew. He was a star :) . He kept us busy as he kept running away from ranch and we kept bring him back. Goran even arranged for his pedicure :). An Amazing experience with beautiful people, place, animals and work. Good luck to Goran. I hope to visit one day in future to see how you finally transformed the place. Arundeep
Eli is a unique and wonderful person, bursting with talent, creativity and ideas. She arrived and changed our lives for the 3 months that she lived with us, by enabling us to see how we can live in a simpler and more connected way to the planet, with the animlas and the world around us. Eli helped us in so many ways, for example by helping us build a wooden yoga room / lounge and deck area, which involved physical effort and carpentry and other building skills. She also helped us with gardenning, receiving guests at the reception, cleaning and preparing our tipis to receive people form all over the world. We loved how kind and welcoming she was to everyone, making them feel instantly a home and taking the time to get to know them and without doubt enriching their stay with us. Eli was also a role model to the other young volunteers that live with us and participate in a volutneer programme that our family run in our community- Eli was always so generous with her skills - organising parties and making what are, without a doubt, the best pizzas, south of Rome! She enriched out family life, treating us to home-cooked banquets from the Czech Republic and just sharing her perspectives and stories of life on the road. She has an amazing blog and is one of the best travel writiers I have encountered. I am in awe of her Spanish and English language skills and her ability to express herself so beautifully in both languages. Eli is a beautiful artist and left us with a gallery of wood-etchings of the birds that can be found in the valley where we live which we have hung in the new house she helped to build - as well as a beautiful portrait of our cat. They will also be a very special memory of her for my family. Eli has rich experieince also working in summer camps with children and left us with ideas about how we could expand and dveelop our campiste in the future too. She is good working in a team and assuming resposnability but can get on and work by herself too without needing instruction. Everything Eli does, she does to the highest of standards. Eli has a very special connection with animals of all types, she loved our dogs, the cat and spent time with the horses in the Equine Therpay Centre on our hillside grooming and taking care of the young horses. I could write pages about Eli! But see for yourself - of you are reading this and looking for a unique and inspiring volutneer - look no further. We canĀ“t recommend her highly enough. Thank you WorkAway for facilitating these amazing encounters for our family with such lovely people who are so committed to sharing their talents. Muchas Gracias Eli, te queremos mucho and you know that you always have a home, a base, a port in South America - you are welcome at any moment. We are waiting for you with open arms.