A selection of our feedback from hosts and workawayers

Had a lovely couple of weeks with Katharina and Simon! Katharina is a friendly and happy host who makes you feel at home from your first minute. Many times she taught me how to cook Austrian dishes, we watched movies in the evening and always ate good food. Simon is a happy child genius - his English level is far beyond what's normal for his age and he's lovely too! I helped in different ways - gardening, decorating, a bit of cleaning, chilling with Simon but really didn't feel like working; more like being part of the family. Can't wait to go back and visit! :D
I spent 3 weeks with Andrea and Geoff and loved every minute of it. A fantastic work away experience if you're an independent worker with initiative, looking to speak mostly English, and want to get to know an interesting couple. Work was project-centered. I cleared, weeded, and planted one of their gardens. I also helped with some odd housekeeping and organizing jobs. Andrea and Geoff were open to me picking projects as they suited me and respected my time. I never spent more than 5 hours working a day. Andrea is a fantastic cook. She went the extra mile to satisfy my curiosity in British and French cuisine, cooking everything from cauliflower cheese to duck confit. They have quite a bit of living space, which was ideal for me as an introvert who enjoys quiet down time. We often shared free time in the evenings together-- long conversations over dinner, BBC miniseries on the tele, sunset walks-- which I quite enjoyed. On days off, Andrea, Geoff, and I adventured around the surrounding countryside. Although the village is quite small and isolated, there's lots to see and do in the area: touring storybook castles in the Loire Valley, punting through Le Marais, and wine tasting at vineyards to name a few. I would've liked to spend more time practicing my French and getting to know the the neighbors (who are mostly older and retired). Andrea and Geoff made me feel like I was a part of their family. My experience was not just a work away, it was a home away.
Excellent+++++ How lucky we were to have Jo and Tom join us on Xmas Eve for their first Workaway experience in NZ. It says a lot when your Workawayers come for 2 weeks and stay for 3 months!! Our summer was enhanced by Jo and Tom's presence....they were VERY VERY popular with the locals and the guests who travelled by boat or yacht to the Boating Club. And they are now part of our 'extended family'! The abilities and skills of both Jo and Tom meant they could do ANYTHING ...and more. Tom adding some amazing creative additions to our club, some much needed answers to some of our more technical issues with water pumps and maintenance issues....he is one very clever guy! Jo being a great worker with a quick mind and lots of initiative. Her support at busy times and willingness to step in and do whatever was needed was very much appreciated. Both Jo and Tom have become super friends for life! Jo and Tom have wonderful personalities, are able to communicate with everyone about anything...and are the first to put their hands up to help someone out. They made amazing friends from all over NZ whilst at the remote island....and in the true Workaway style are willing to continue to share themselves and their skills with others in the Workaway organisation. If you have any need for a fun, outgoing, friendly, respectful, capable couple to help out at your place then we highly recommend these two. We wish Jo and Tom well with the rest of their travels in NZ. Hoping to spend another summer with them both (thought we should get in first)!
It was my first workaway experience and I can honestly say I could not have wished for a better stay!.. The only issue was that I couldn't stay longer as I had to go back to work.I really hope to come back one day,which a lot of workawayers seem to be doing and I can see why! The minute I arrived I felt at home. Mohamed is a kind,humorous,intelligent person,who has a way with people! The atmosphere was natural and fun.I was suprised how comfortable I felt straight away with them. His children and his family are absolutely lovely and there was never a dull moment! Khalid deserves a special mention as he looked after us very well and I thouroughly enjoyed his company and his stories. There are so many things to do including visiting a local school,learning Berber, going to a local market and eating delicious food and drinking pots of tea!.. It's a wonderful project that Mohamed is doing that brings people together and serves as an inspiration to the local people. Thank you Mohammed for everything!.. It's been an absolute pleasure to have met you and your family!:)
When the Hollander family wrote to us saying they were "ready to come home" we felt a little scared and wondered if we were making a crazy decision because we had never had a whole family stay with us before. Well, we can say we are very lucky to be this crazy because having them here has been one of the best decisions we have ever made in our lives. They transformed our piece of "abandoned" land into the most extraordinary vegetable garden using "Hugelkulture", the best way to grow vegetables to avoid much watering and getting the most nutrients from burying tree trunks under the planting beds. We hope we can be their workawayers one day in the future to be able to do something for them of equal value. Having this garden built for us has no price and we are forever grateful for their hard work. We were incredibly impressed by Anine, Bradley and Sharon. It's hard to believe kids their ages would be so helpful and such hardworking individuals. They were a very good example for our 10 year old son to follow and we actually feel ashamed we are not as good parents as they are because our son still has a lot to learn from these amazing kids (and we are not the kind of parents that let kids be lazy or anything like that...). Also, they are all very wise and super fun to spend time with. We will really miss them, especially our son Gabriel who was the luckiest one because he had a lot more time than us to enjoy their company. "They made such an impact on our family that we decided we are going to adopt more kids!