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Ayuda en una escuela rural en Cambodia

País: Cambodia


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The only way to help people understand that we have to preserve natures treasures, is to educate the next generation. Our over 4 years community project aiming to educate children in rural areas of Botumsakor district, Koh Kong Province. Surrounded by the beautiful but preserve-able Cardamom Mountains we see the need to educate the people and empower them in creating new income sources apart from the traditional ones like wood cutting or hunting. So we provide English lessons and education about the local environment.

By volunteering here you become part of our family, working as a team to help the whole community. We have a very flexible approach and every volunteer is asked to bring their own ideas and skills.

We have setup a school that is independent from the state school for students from the village, aging 4 to 24. Many students attend both the state school and in their free time this school. We focus on English classes, which are mainly run by volunteers and Khmer co-teacher, but further classes may be developed depending on your skills. Besides English lessons the education about environmental and society issues should be the main purpose (e.g. organizing waste picking events). We do not have any full time teachers at the moment, but rely on the help of volunteers to run classes.


Thma Sa, Cambodia

Tipo de trabajo

Ayuda con idiomas,
Ayuda con un proyecto ecologico,
Ayuda en una granja,
Mantenimiento Bricolage,


We are a community project and as part of our team you are much welcome to suggest your own ideas and projects. Nevertheless, the main purpose is to provide English language education. And so we would like to request all our volunteers to take part in teachings for a certain amount of time.

Here are some of our ideas and how you can be involved as a volunteer:


There are 7 hourly classes a day running Monday to Friday from 8am to 7.30pm. Volunteers usually teach in pairs and take on average 2-3 classes a day, which are organized according to the student’s ability. You don't need to have any previous experience of teaching, because we believe that listening and communicating with different English-speaking people is also great for learning the language. You can either work as a main or assisting teacher. We work from a basic lesson structure that provides a framework so the students have consistency in their learning, as the volunteer teachers are changing on a regular basis. As well as teaching English in the classroom, you are welcome to use your skills and knowledge in art, music, singing, smart games and sport as a way of interacting with the children. There are no timetabled classes on the weekends, however we are always open and if children come to the school we usually play games and offer our time if we are available.

Apart from teaching the children, volunteers are welcome to engage themselves in the following areas:

- Organic Farming (gardening work, taking care of the fish pond & livestock)
- Environmental Activities (rubbish pick up days, educating the children about protecting the local wildlife)
- Marketing (spreading the word about our organization via different communication channels e.g. maintaining facebook and the web-page, getting in contact with guidebook publishers, contributing to on-line guidebooks and travel websites, maintaining workaway profile, administration work, raising funds, etc.)
- Tourism Activity (improving/promoting tourism program in general, setting up home stays, building signs and paths)

Depending on funding opportunities in the future, we would also like to work on a waste management/exchange system based on biomass briquettes. Furthermore, we would like to be able to maintain our small bio-gas system by using dung from our livestock. In the future it would be also nice to experiment with cross-spread to help making the local farming more sustainable in a natural way. We also want to expand our network to other, more remote villages. If you become familiar with our place and the things we are doing, we can support you to manage your own franchise project in the local area.

If you are willing to work in any of these areas, it would be nice to clarify your specific task in advance. Also if you do not want to teach children you are requested to raise this concern in advance to the manager.

What we expect from our volunteers:

As you show commitment for a specific task while you are volunteering with us, you have a responsibility towards the children and the whole community. Therefore, it would be necessary to be realistic about the duration of your stay. Organizing classes as well as food and accommodation for the volunteers needs careful planning.

We ask you to offer around 5 hours per day, however this may vary. On weekends, you can choose to help out with the garden and other general jobs or projects, or you can have free time to visit the beautiful national park and local area.

We want you to feel part of this project and feel that this is your home while you are here, therefore, we invite you to join in as much as possible and enjoy the experience.

Idiomas hablados

Khmer, English


We offer you to stay in a private or share a room in our school, where you will have a simple bed and a place for your belongings as well as mosquito nets. We have bucket shower and toilet seat. We provide home cooked Khmer food for lunch and dinner and volunteers can make free tea or coffee with boiled water near the kitchen and volunteers can also sometime have free fruit where we always collect them from our garden in the school compound. Local food for breakfast can be bought at the local market. If volunteers prefer and have their own camping equipment, they are welcome to set up a tent on the school property as an alternative to the arranged accommodations.

Algo más...

As we are a non‐profit organization, volunteers are asked to contribute financially to cover (over the duration of their stay):

• accommodation
• food (we provide home cooked Khmer meals for lunch and dinner)
• electricity and water
• teaching and learning supplies for the students and teachers at the school
• administration costs
• coffee or tea and fruit
• general cleaning
• 24 hours WIFI

It should also be mentioned that volunteers who are willing to stay for one month or longer will receive an official letter of recommendation

Our project is located in Thmor Sor commune, Botumsakor district, Koh Kong province. To get to the project, you can take a speedboat from Sihanoukville and it will take you between 45min- 1hour and the cost is $7 per person. Take a ride from your hotel in Sihanoukville to the dock it will take you around 20min. From Koh Kong province it is a bit inconvenience, otherwise you will need to take a taxi or minivan from there and ask you driver to stop you at Thmor Sor intersection and wait until another taxi or minivan coming to Thmor Sor. On the weekends, you can explore your time by trekking around the area, swimming in the beaches and fishing in the sea or the lakes nearby. See the link:

Things to be aware of:

There are many schools in Cambodia looking for volunteers, and choosing between them can be hard. In making this choice, it can be useful to know that some of the supposed NGOs in Cambodia are not non-profit organizations at all, but private schools which are running their activity without permission. They pretend to be NGOs or CBOs, but they are run in the sole purpose of making money and lack the necessary approval from the government sectors.

These places often hire Khmer staff who are non-licensed and under aged. This practice is illegal under Cambodian law! It's also common that such organizations use the reputation of previously established NGOs or CBOs to attract volunteers while they continue to not meet the government set standards.

To certify the schools which are real non-profit organizations the Ministry of Interior or Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation issue licenses which the school should keep in English. Ask to see this license if you want to do real charity in Cambodia instead of funding what are, in reality, privately owned and run for profit!
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